airborne – adj. [med., aviat.]: transmitted, transported by the air, fly


Räisänen, Tomi (FI, 1976)                     
i0! (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec) 2019 **

Resch, Gerald (AT, 1975)
arietta (für Blockflöte, Flöte/Piccolo, Harfe und Cembalo (oder Spinettino) 2018/2019 **

Riederer, Fernando (BR, 1977)              
Airy years (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec), 2016**

Ritter, Martin (AT, -)                         
Copernican principle (harp, harpsichord), 2018 **

Rojko, Uros (SLO, 1954)                            
Shared through the air (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec) 2019**

Romitelli, Fausto (IT, 1963-2004)                    
Seascape (Paetzold solo, amplified),1992

Rotaru, Doina (RO, 1951)                       
Obsession (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec), 2018 **
** commissioned by and written for airborne extended