airborne – adj. [med., aviat.]: transmitted, transported by the air, fly


Papadopoulos, Iannis (GR, 1978)                   
Escape (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec) 2019 **

Papageorgiou, Dimitris (GR, 1965)               
She sees by formless gleams (harp, fl, paetzold) 2019**

Parra, Hèctor (ES, 1976)                                
Time Fields III (fl solo), 2004

Pattar, Frédéric (FR, 1969)                               
Chaman (harp, live el), 2000
Lierre (harp, el piano Fender-Rhodes), 2007

Paúl, Abel (ES, 1984)                                 
La voz detrás (harp solo), 2013

Pieniek, Grzegorz (PL, 1982)
Floating Islands (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec), 2018 **

Poleukhina, Marina (RUS, 1989)                 
My dear udockle, let's jump in the forest berry (3 performers, objects), 2012

Probst, Dana (RO, 1961)                              
Profond miroir (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec), 2019 **
** commissioned by and written for airborne extended