airborne – adj. [med., aviat.]: transmitted, transported by the air, fly


Lacroix, Sylvie (FR, 1959)                             
Chants de deuil (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec), 2015/2018**

Lang, Bernhard (AT, 1957)                      
London in the Rain, Monadologie XXIX,(harpsichord/keyboard, harp, fl, rec), 2014 **

Lapidakis, Michalis (GR, 1960)                     
Lullaby II (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec) 2019 **

Laskowski, Mikolaj (PL, 1988)                 
New work, 2020 **

Lazo Valenzuela, Roberta (CL, 1991)            
I left the key under the rug (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec + video), 2018**

Levi, Yoav (ISR, -)
fly by (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec), 2019**

Lim, Liza (AU, 1966)                             
Rug Music (harp solo), 2015

Løffler, Simon (DK, 1981)                       
b (for 3 players, 6 effect pedals, 3 neonlamps & a loose mono jack cable) 2012

Lucier, Alvin (USA, 1931)                     
Almost New York (fl, sweep pure wave oscillator), 2002
Spira Mirabilis (bass sustaining instrument, electric light), 1994
** commissioned by and written for airborne extended