airborne – adj. [med., aviat.]: transmitted, transported by the air, fly


Kaiser, Alexander (IT, 1985)                  
The difficulty of crossing a field II (harpsichord, fl, Paetzold), 2016**

Kerer, Manuela (IT, 1980)                        
Kaput II (harpsichord, harp, fl, Paetzold, tape), 2017**

Kerschbaumer, Hannes (IT, 1981)        (prep fl, prep Paetzold, transducers, live-el), 2017**

Kessler, Thomas (CH, 1937)                              
Harpsichord Control (harpsichord solo, live el), 1990/2005

Khrust, Nikolaj  (RUS, 1982)
Schoenfunk - Missing piece (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec) 2019, **

Khubeev, Alexander (RUS, 1986)                         
Glassary (4 performers on a Grand Piano), 2010
No comment (3 performers on a harpsichord), 2011

Klement, Katharina (AT, 1963)                           
New work, 2020**

Kobzar, Alisa (UA, 1989)                                  
Prism (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec/Paetzold, movement controllers, live el), 2018**

Kokoras, Panayotis (GR, 1974)                          
Cycling (fl solo), 2009

Kolomiiets, Maxim (UA, 1981)                         
Crystal Cube (harpsichord, harp, fl, rec) 2019**

Korsun, Anna/ Khismatov, Sergey  (UA/RUS,1986/1983) Rock.scissors.paper (5 performers, objects), 2010

Kourliandsky, Dmitri (RUS, 1976)                        
FL (falsa lectio)#2 (fl solo), 2008
Inner readings (free number of performers), 2015/2018

Kuwabara, Yu (JP, 1984)                                
Three Different Time Fields and the Voiceless Chant (harpsichord solo), 2018

** commissioned by and written for airborne extended