airborne – adj. [med., aviat.]: transmitted, transported by the air, fly


Cendo, Raphaël (FR, 1975)                   
Octa 7 (harp solo, live electronics), 2007

Chernyshkov, Alexander (RUS/IT, 1983)         
rather (4 performers, prep. harpsichord, objects), 2016

Ciciliani, Marko (HR, 1970)                    
Quartz Stalagnat (rec solo, tape), 2006

Cleare, Ann (IRL, 1983)           
I am not a clockmaker either (harpsichord solo, electronics), 2009
eyam iii (if it´s living outside of you) (fl solo), 2013

Czernowyn, Chaya (IL, 1957)
Ina (fl, tape), 1988
** commissioned by and written for airborne extended