airborne – adj. [med., aviat.]: transmitted, transported by the air, fly


Bång, Malin (SE, 1974)                 
split rudder (Paetzold solo, tape), 2011
Hyperoxic (fl, rec, harp, objects), 2011/
version for airborne extended, 2019**

Barrett, Richard (UK, 1959)                 
dying words (II) (fl/voice solo), 2013
Adocentyn (fl, rec), 2005-11
tendril (harp, electronics), 2013

Berio, Luciano (IT, 1925-2003)                       
Gesti (rec solo), 1966
Sequenza I (fl solo), 1958
Sequenza II (harp solo), 1963
Rounds (harpsichord solo), 1965

Beslic-Gal, Belma
(BIH, 1978)       
Medamothi Planum (fl, rec, tape), 2014

Bisschops, Merijn (NL, 1981)
Antipode I (harpsichord, soundtrack) 2010

Buck, Ole (DK, 1945)                      
Gymel (harpsichord, rec), 1983

** commissioned by and written for airborne extended