airborne – adj. [med., aviat.]: transmitted, transported by the air, fly


André, Mark (FR, 1964)
Un-Fini I (harp solo), 1995
Un Fini II (harpsichord solo), 1994/95                                      

Aperghis, Georges (GR, 1945) 
5 petits moments brefs (harpsichord solo)

Arkushyna, Anna (UA, 1989)            
uǝɯ-oʍ (4 whistles), 2013
tes rêves verts (flute, recorder, harpsichord, harp), 2019**

Aska, Alyssa (CA, -)                
Chrysocolla (harpsichord, harp, flute, rec), 2018 **

Azzan, Maurizio  (IT, 1987)                
concetto di aura (Paetzold solo), 2016
Extended I (bassflute, Paetzold, harp, live electronics), 2019 **
** commissioned by and written for airborne extended